Optimizing your Data Feed

Data Feed Optimizations

Here are some tips to make sure that your products have relevance in our search engine.

1. Ensure that shoppers can find your offers in search results by including relevant keywords in product titles. Include the brand name, color, type of product, and gender (if applicable). Do not include size information unless price differs by size. Do not include promotional or extraneous information, keywords, HTML, or all caps.
  • Optimized: Nine West Unico Women's Sandals - Grey Leather
    • For example, this would appear in a search for grey women's sandals
  • Not Optimized: Nine West Unico
    • This would not match a text search for grey women's sandals as there is no color or product type in the title.
2. Add more relevant data in the product description as we will search the first 250 characters in addition to the title.
  • Use the description to list product information, specs or sizes
  • The description used on your site may contain extraneous text which means less product information will be visible to the consumer on Shopzilla.
3. Do not include marketing text or extraneous information in offer titles. Text such as “Free Overnight Shipping” or “Authorized Dealer” will lower the relevancy of your offers. You should use the promotional designation and/or shipping columns to display this type of information.
  • Optimized: HP C4127X Black Ink Tank Toner Cartridge
  • Not Optimized: Free Shipping 114.00 Genuine NEW HP C4127X HP4000, HP4050 Series 10,000 Page Yield FREE SHIPPING
4. Provide the Brand name of your offers in the titles (as well as in the Manufacturer column.) This information is used to attribute your products and also to align them with our product catalog.

5. Include product availability information in the Availability column. Populate this field with one of the phrases from the Product Feed Specification document. Not including stock information will lower your product in our search results.

6. Provide shipping information for shoppers. Ensure that shoppers get the most information available about an offer by including Shipping cost in the feed, or by implementing your shipping rules by using Connexity’s Shipping Tool.

In addition to the tips above, you can reference our feed specifications here.  If you still have questions, please reach out to us here.
Creation date: 3/31/2017 10:31 AM      Updated: 5/22/2020 11:35 AM