Editing your Feed

How do I update my file? 

In order to update your feed from your FTP location, you must first download an FTP client. There are many free FTP programs such as Filezilla which you can download here: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

Open your FTP program. You will see four empty fields for Host, Username, Password, and Port. Enter your FTP credentials; the Port field should be blank.

Your file will appear in the box in the bottom right corner. Right-click your filename, and choose "view/edit." Then, right-click anywhere in your feed and choose "Select All." Right-click again and choose "Copy."

Then, open up an Excel spreadsheet, right-click the top-left cell, and choose "Paste Special." Select "Unicode Text." Your feed should now be in a spreadsheet form, making it easier to edit.

After you have made the appropriate changes to your feed, choose "Save As" in Excel. Make sure that your file name is exactly the same as it is in your FTP location. Next to "Save as type," choose "Text (tab-delimited). Make sure to make a note of where on your computer your feed is being saved.

Next, find your new feed on your computer, and drag and drop it into the bottom right box in Filezilla. A box will pop up asking if you want to overwrite your old feed. Choose yes.

That's it! Please allow 24-36 hours for the changes to update on all servers.

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