Connexity ROI Tracker & Google Analytics - Why do I need both?

Connexity recommends the installation of our free performance tracker in addition to your other reporting, be it Google Analytics or an internal system. Here are some questions and answers that help explain why it is useful to look at different tracking reports.
Why is the data different?
  • When you advertise on Connexity your products are displayed on both our proprietary sites (Shopzilla, Bizrate, PriceGrabber, Become) and across our network of affiliate partners. Google Analytics will show the referring URL meaning traffic and conversions coming through our partner sites may not be attributed to the Connexitycampaign. There are steps you can take to update your tracking. Tinuiti does a great job of detailing this on their blog post here. Google also offers an explanation in their Analytics documentation:
  • There is no universal standard for what counts as a click or valid traffic. Every tracking system and website will use different criteria for what counts as a valid click and each of your tracking methods will report this differently. For example, the Connexity interface will show only paid clicks. Any traffic that is invalidated on our back end and not charged for will not be counted in our interface. This means if your site was hit by a bot or a large source of invalid traffic and our system has filtered out those clicks the redirects will not show in Connexity's interface but may show on your other tracking.
How will the Connexity tracker help me improve my campaign?
  • Once the Connexity ROI Tracker has been implemented we will show your actual sales down to the product level right in our reporting and bidding interface. This makes it easy to cut your costs and improve your ROAS and Cost of Sale goals by adjusting bids on products that are not converting and allowing you to view your best items and increase bids to gain more exposure.
  • Our Smart Pricing system works by adjusting CPC rates to meet cost of sale targets. With Connexity's ROI tracker in place, we can work together to ensure that we meet your specific performance goals.
Creation date: 3/31/2017 10:27 AM      Updated: 6/4/2020 2:06 PM