Bidding Basics, Smart Pricing, and Connexity Bid Optimizer 

Bidding Basics, Smart Pricing, and Connexity Bid Optimizer 

Subcategory and Product Bids 
All products must have a bid. Connexity allows you to place bids at both the SKU level for individual products and the Subcategory level for groups of like products. This gives you the greatest flexibility in determining your exposure at the most granular level. You can use a combination of Product and Subcategory Bids.

Subcategory Bids
Subcategory Bids are entered through the Connexity Merchant Interface are used for any products that do not have Product bids.  If a Subcategory Bid is not entered it will default to our minimum bid of $0.05.

Product Bids
Product Bids are optional and can be entered through the Connexity Merchant Interface and/or included in the data feed. A Product Bid in the data feed will take precedence over a bid placed in the account interface. If no bid is entered at the product level, then we will use the Subcategory bid.  We highly recommend bidding in the Connexity interface over feed bids to have more flexibility in real-time adjustments.

Smart Pricing
Connexity uses Smart Pricing is a system where CPC charges are calculated based on performance and not priced at a predetermined CPC rate. This flexible pricing model allows Connexity to acquire better sources of traffic. All traffic is not created equal; adjusting CPCs by traffic source lets us pay more for the best traffic and less for sources converting at a lower rate, resulting in better conversion and higher sales volume.

Flexible pricing allows us to acquire better sources of traffic. All traffic is not created equal; we can pay more for sources that perform better.

Here is an example: (Think of each row as a different traffic source from our network and us price based on the performance.)

How do I know what to bid?
A bid is an amount that you enter to determine your product exposure on the Connexity network and does not equate to your actual billed CPC. Our bidding algorithm will make adjustments based on the percentage change. While a $0.10 change might not seem like much, if the original bid was $0.05, that would represent a 100% increase. We recommend setting your initial bids between ($0.05-$0.10) and utilize our free managed service Connexity Bid Optimizer (CBO) to do the rest.

Connexity Bid Optimizer
The Connexity Bid Optimizer provides automated bid placement and ROI optimization by performance, traffic source, product attributes, and price dimensions. Product-based bidding can only go so far.  To fully realize the potential of the Connexity network, an additional layer of bid and pricing optimizations is required.  A close collaboration between teams is highly recommended as you input your Key Performance Indicator (KPI). If you would like to utilize this option, please reach out to our Connexity Merchant Services team by clicking here.

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