Required Data Feed Fields and Template

Feed 2.0
  • Is auto-mapped based on the column name
  • Allows merchants to submit separate items for the same product that vary on color, pattern, and/or material
  • Allows merchants to provide more information for each item such as gender, age group, sizes available, and additional images

File Format
  • Delimited Text Tile
  • Acceptable delimiters: Tab, Pipe, Tilde, or Comma. Field values can be enclosed in quotes with the exception of Product URL, Image URL or Price
  • Files can be zipped
  • Character encoding accepted: ASCII, Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1), Latin-9 (ISO-8859-15), UTF-8, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, Windows-1252. If no character encoding specified, we will assume Latin-9.
  • File must have a header row and use our exact field names. Capitalization, space/underscore/dash differences will be normalized
  • We do not have the ability to custom map column names at this time.
  • Each line must contain the same number of delimiters.
  • We will accept Google product feeds
Field Overview Below are the available fields and the field name that MUST BE USED EXACTLY AS LISTED BELOW IN THE HEADER OF YOUR FEED. If the field is not required you may omit the entire column or leave the content blank.
Field Name
Unique ID

Formerly MPID

Unique identifier for the item. Must be unique within your account meaning it must be used only once within the feed and should not be used for a different item in a subsequent update. The unique id should remain consistent for the same product each time a new feed is submitted.

This field is displayed in the Merchant Interface Bidding and Reporting tools.

Name of product. Include brand name, color, type of product and gender (if applicable.) Do not include size unless the price differs by size.

Sage Green 120” Round Tablecloth
Ivory Ralph Lauren King Duvet
Women’s Calvin Klein Blueberry Jersey Dress

Women’s Calvin Klein Blueberry Jersey Dress – S
Women’s Calvin Klein Blueberry Jersey Dress - M
Sam Edelman Tara Ivory Womens Pumps Size 7
Sam Edelman Tara Ivory Womens Pumps Size 8

Do not include promotional or extraneous information, keywords, HTML, or All Caps.

Description of Product
Do not include promotional messaging, HTML, or All Caps

identifiable text string or breadcrumb we can use to categorize your products. Google/Bing categories are accepted as well.

Apparel>Clothing & Accessories>Handbags
Men's Sneakers
Home & Garden>Bedding>Duvet Cover

Character Limit: 1,000
Product URL
Link to the product page. Must start with http:// or https:// Escape/encode any special characters.

Image URL
Link to product image so that it can be downloaded. Image should match the color, pattern, and/or material of the item. Must start with http:// or https//

Images must be jpg, gif, bmp, or png. TIFF format is not supported. Preferred size is 1000x1000, we will accept between 450x450 and 1000x1000. Escape/encode any special characters

Additional Image URL
Additional image URLs for different views of an item. Up to 10 additional URLs can be provided. Separate each URL with a comma. Must start with http:// or https://

Images must be jpg, gif, bmp, or png. TIFF format is not supported. Preferred size is 1000x1000, we will accept between 450x450 and 1000x1000. Escape/encode any special characters

The condition of the product
5 acceptable values:
  • New
  • Used
  • Refurbished
  • Open Box
  • OEM

The availability of the product.
4 acceptable values:
  • In Stock
  • Out of Stock
  • Available for Order
  • PreOrder

Current price
The price that it’s currently selling for on merchant website.
Numbers only, no currency representation such as $ or USD. The price in this field displays with the product listing so this field must be populated for every product.

Original Price
This is used to calculate the strikethrough price displayed on our website. Populate this field with the regular price of the item. If the current price is lower than the original price we will calculate and display a percent off.
Numbers only, no currency representation such as $ or USD.


Formerly Manufacturer
Required except for Media, Software, Video Games, and custom goods.

List the brand or manufacturer name of the item.


Formerly UPC – ISBN - EAN
Optional for Media, Software, Games, and Books. Strongly recommended for all other categories.
List the UPC for Media, Software, and Games. List the ISBN for books.
UPC is a 12-digit number; ISBN is 10 or 13-digit number. EAN is a 13-digit number. Each different GPN should be listed on a new line. There is a 100 character limit for this field.


Formerly SKU
Optional for Computers & Electronics, Recommended for others if available

The Manufacturer Part Number will allow your products to be correctly classified and aligned to our global product catalog.

Amazon Standard Identification Number. Include this number if available for alignment and classification purposes.

Ship Cost
If you offer flat rate shipping on an item, enter the shipping cost here.
Enter a numeric value only in local currency; no currency representation such as $ or USD. No text, such as “Free”. For free shipping, enter a numeric value of 0.

Ship Weight
If you have a shipping rule based on item weight use this field to enter the shipping weight. If you use standard UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping we can calculate the amount by zip code. You must set this up in the merchant interface using the Shipping Information link in the Manage Listings section.
Enter weight in pounds. This field should contain only numbers.

3 acceptable values:
  • Male
  • Female
  • Unisex
Only one value may be submitted per item.

Age Group
2 acceptable values:
  • Adult
  • Kids
Only one value may be submitted per item.


Recommended for other items where applicable.
List the size for each item in this field, one size per line. There should be separate product listings for each size offered.

Please be consistent in size phrasing for items with the same Item Group ID. For example, don’t use Small, Medium, Large for one item and S,M,L for another.


Recommended for other items where applicable.
The color of the item. For multi-colored items, list all colors in the order of prominence, separated by a /. For example, if shoe is black with red trim, you would list the color as black/red.

If the product comes in different colors (or color combinations), make sure to create separate listings for each color. Each color should be listed on a separate line. There is a 500 character limit for this field.


Recommended for other products.
Enter the type of material that the product is made of. Examples include suede, leather, silk, denim, gold.


Recommended for other products that have a pattern.
Enter the pattern or print featured on a product. Examples include polka dot, stripe, Chargers, A’s.

Item Group ID
Optional for product variants

Enter the Parent SKU or shared identifier for different variants of the same product. All items that are color, size, pattern or material variants of the same item should have the same item group id.


Used to set your CPC bids at the individual product level. If this field is blank the bid will default to the bid placed in the Bidding Tool.
Enter a numeric value only; no currency representation such as $ or USD. For bids less than 1 dollar, make sure to use the decimal marker. For example, 0.30 for bid of 30 cents.

Promo Text
Open text field used to advertise special offers, coupons or marketing messages. An additional $0.05 charge will apply in addition to your CPC bid rate.
50 Characters max. No HTML
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